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A new way to PREVENT and CURE pressure sores
PressureC are R eliefProducts®
Many products on the market claim to prevent, reduce or cure pressure sores,
but none of them have a Clinical Evaluation to support their claim.  
Our PressureCareReliefProducts® were clinically tested and proven effective 
to prevent or cure pressure sores. 
PCRP ® were clinically tested and proven effective

Our PCRP® Pad was evaluated on 6 subjects in a Care Home
environment over a period of 4 weeks, in order to examine its
effect on comfort and contribution to the prevention of pressure

The findings of Dr. Steve Young in his Clinical Evaluation showed

improved blood flow maintaining healthy tissue.  It is also stated
that all patients noted they were much cooler and slept better on
the PCRP® Pad over and above a product which uses pumped
air that they were using before. ​

In concusion, our PCRP® are proven to reduce the risk of develo-

ping pressure sores and promote the healing of existing wounds.
Clinically tested and proven effective
Download the Clinical Evaluation
Customer's Testimonials

We have recognized that complaints, enquiries or positive feedback from customers are precious pieces of information.  When used properly, complaints can help us fine-tune our business and meet our customer's needs.  It is these insights that help our Company to keep moving forward.  For those reasons, never hesitate to communicate us your opinion about any of our products.

Here are some customer's testimonials:

"The pad arrived a couple of days ago, fantastic!  Truly an amazing and remarkable product.  I can't thank you enough.  I wish everyone knew about your product, especially the hospitals.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and Psoriatic Arthritis.  I spend a lot of time in bed and the nurses don't have time to rotate me from side to side.  I am unable to do it myself because I lost the use of my leg from a MS attack.  With your bed pad, it is not as important to be turned because the pad breathes which prevent sores from starting.  Such a clever design.  Of course you are aware of the spectacular qualities of your product. Thank your very much for improving my quality of life, Regards."  
Tami R. - Victoria, BC
N.B. Tami ordered 2 more items (a full mattress pad and a pillow case).

"My husband, diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, was initially hospitalized for 4 months and during this time he developed pressure sores on his lower back and ankles.  At one point, they even moved him to a therapeutic bed, but nothing seemed to help.  It wasn't until we accidently strumbles across this seemingly regular bed pad that his wounds started improving and eventually healed.  He was the first to recognize the effectiveness of your product, insisting it be places underneath him to releive the pain."
Lucy D - Montreal, QC

"My father is bed ridden in a retirement home and he started to have pressure sores (red spots on his back).  I bought him a full mattress bed pad, the one with the 4 corner elastics.  After only a few weeks, he's resting better, and his pressure sores are fading away.  I just wanted to let you know how well he has done on your bed pad."
Henry D. - Montreal, QC

"Just to give you feebdback on the purchase I made 3 weeks ago.  I bought a pad for my mom who is in a nursing home.  She wasn't really happy when she got it but now she uses it all the time in bed as she has Osteoporosis in the spine.  She said she found her back is less painful now.  Very good product!
Patricia S. - Laval, QC

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